Carmel Artomobilia - Saturday, June 14, Noon-6 p.m.

Why Volunteer?
This is a fun event put on by a team who has done this kind of event many times before.  Our team leaders are well versed in their activities and although this is a new venue you can expect a knowledgeable, unflappable (mostly!) team leader who knows their job and is able to communicate your tasks to you effectively

You’ll be part of the first show which, asides from being a little nostalgic, also means that if you enjoy the experience you’ll get first chance to come back and participate in future years.

You’ll be provided with a very high quality volunteer shirt and credential to wear during your work and take away with you at the end of the day.   Our shirts are very popular and we often get requests from non-volunteers to purchase them – they are exclusive to our staff and volunteers though!  You’ll also receive food and beverage at meal times.

All volunteers will be invited to a wrap up meeting after the event for a social gathering and a chance to discuss improvements for future events.  We care what you think and we want you to come back again in future years.  This year’s wrap up meeting will be at Woody’s on Tuesday June 17th at 6.30pm – dinner’s on us!

So please read the descriptions of our volunteer opportunities below and if you’re interested please call Andrew Lee at 317 966 6920 or email with the word ‘volunteer’ in the subject line.

Volunteering Before Event Day

During May & Early June
Volunteers are required to assist with distribution of promotional materials (posters and handbills) to locations around metropolitan Indianapolis.  Volunteers will need to have their own vehicle, however they will be reimbursed for their gas expenses.  Volunteers must have a pleasant demeanor and a positive attitude to approach business owners and ask for permission to leave materials.  Hours are flexible, there is no minimum.

The Week before the event
Volunteers are required to help with the packing and preparation of materials needed for the day of the event.  This is mostly light duties with no heavy lifting.  Once again, hours are flexible and there is no minimum commitment.

Volunteering on the day of the Event

Shift Times
All volunteer positions on event day operate on the same shift schedule as shown below

Shift number

Start Time

End Time

First shift

7.00 am

11.00 am

Second shift

11.00 am

2.00 pm

Third shift

2.00 pm

6.00 pm

Fourth shift


9.00 pm

Volunteers are requested to show up at Registration a few minutes early to allow time to collect their credentials and change into their shirt.  First shift volunteers will be issued shirts and credentials at training, all others will receive them when they check in on the day.

Dress Code

All volunteers are required to follow dress code.  Black shoes, socks, pants and belt are required.  Women may wear skirts as long as the hem falls below the knee.  A volunteer shirt will be provided on the day.  If you plan to wear anything (e.g. t shirt) under the volunteer shirt please ensure that it will not be visible through the shirt.   In the event that the weather is hot, hats and shades are permitted.

First Shift - Setup

Field Setup
Team Leader: Andrew Lee + 10 volunteers

When we say ‘field’ we mean the event space.  Because of the nature of the venue which is public property, we are only allowed access to the event space for the minimum amount of time.  This means that a lot of work has to be done quickly, especially during setup.  Setup volunteers must wear their volunteer shirts but may wear denims or other pants provided that they are clean and in good condition (no ripped jeans, stained work clothes etc)

In order to be effective in this job you must be capable of lifting at least 20lbs (a sign, sign holder, small box or similar) and you must have some manual dexterity for the kind of tasks involved (sliding signs into holders, applying tie-wraps to signage).  You will be carrying and moving lots of equipment.  Please be sure that you lift correctly, maintaining a straight back and using your legs.  If you are in any doubt about your ability to lift something it is your responsibility to either get assistance or tell your team leader so they can help you.


  • Signage placement
  • Bike Rack placement (heavy)
  • Sign Holders placed
  • Trash cans placed (and lined)
  • Registration setup
  • Stage, Sound Setup
  • Awards Setup
  • Merchandise Tent setup

Team Leader: Brett Johnson + 10 volunteers

This team ensures that all the vehicles on display are parked in the appropriate place on the field.  This includes one team to marshal the cars in the High School Car Park and a second team to assist with parking the cars.   Volunteers will not be allowed to drive the cars, the purpose of the parking team is to guide the owners into the appropriate parking space.

Volunteers working in this area should have a broad knowledge of cars and be able to identify certain types of cars: sports, classics, muscle cars, antiques, exotics etc.  Volunteers with poor sight will be unsuitable for these positions since it is necessary to identify a vehicle and read its class sign at a distance to direct the driver appropriately.  Volunteers whose sight is good enough to drive at speed on an interstate will meet the standard.

Second & Third Shifts - Operations

Registration Tent
Team Leader : tbc + 1 volunteer

The registration tent is the nerve-center of the event.  This is where staff are located when not working elsewhere.  Exhibitors will collect welcome bags and car signs from this location and it will serve as an information booth for exhibitors, check in point for volunteers and other similar administrative and service functions.

Volunteers working in this area must be patient, polite and capable of dealing with people effectively even when the person needing attention may be unhappy. 

Greeters/Program Sales (main Entrances and floating)
Team Leader: tbc + 6-8 volunteers

Artomobila will print several thousand programs to assist visitors to get the best experience at the show.  The program serves as a guide to the schedule and content of the show as well as a memento of the event.   Greeters at our main entrances will distribute the programs to visitors as they come through the entranceway.  Chairs are provided for you to take regular breaks although you will be standing while you are working.  We recommend that you wear a pair of comfortable shoes!  ‘Floating’ greeters will walk through the show distributing programs and answering questions about the event.


  • Stand in front of the tables provided at the entryway, encourage visitors to purchase a program as they enter the event. 
  • Answer basic questions about the event (read the enclosed briefing sheet on Carmel Artomobilia show)
  • Instruct cyclists, skateboarders and roller bladers that they may not ride within the venue.  Draw the attention of police officers to anyone ignoring instructions

VIP Chalet
Team Leader: Jen Lohold + 2 volunteers

A number of sponsor organizations are bringing invited guests to the show, these people will have a VIP credential and may wish to make use of the complimentary refreshments and lounge facility.  The hosts/hostesses will provide a warm welcome and direct VIPs, Exhibitors or Media to the services in the chalet.

Volunteers working these positions should be capable of dealing with personalities, senior management, high net worth individuals and others who anticipate a high level of service and professionalism.  Outstanding customer service skills, good verbal communication and a presentable appearance are vital.  Volunteers should be willing to dress smartly also, men may be required to wear a tuxedo, women a cocktail dress (depending on the weather).  The Chalet will be open from 11:00am to 6:00pm

Team Leader: tbc + minimum of 2 volunteers per shift (third shift will be responsible for emptying all trash cans and taking contents to dumpster before leaving)

We’re looking for a group to help us manage trash – a Scout troop, school or baseball team would be ideal – the organizers are willing to make a donation to any group who agrees to staff this service.  We’ll issue gloves, bags and a golf cart so you can move the trash around and drop it in the dumpster provided.  The trash cans will be setup in the morning by the Setup Team, the Trash team will be responsible for checking trash at least hourly, removing and replacing bags that are full and transferring them to the dumpster.  A map will be provided identifying the location of all trash cans and the dumpster.

Merchandise Sales
Team Leader: tbc + 1 or 2 volunteers per shift

Look good and be happy doing it!  We need outgoing folks to help sell our merchandise and take orders.  We’ll have posters, shirts, artwork, books and more.  Experience handling money would be helpful, attention to detail and a trustworthy personality is essential.  Price lists will be provided along with petty cash.  Volunteers will be encouraged to be vocal and pro-active in attracting buyers to the sales tent!

Winners Parade & Award Space (Third shift only)
Team Leader – Brett Johnson + 6 volunteers

This is the centerpiece of the event.  This is when the best cars in the show will come to the stage to receive their awards and the climax of the show is the presentation of the Best in Show at 5:45pm.  Volunteers will setup the awards during late afternoon (after the last entertainment set is complete)ensure that the owners of the award winning vehicles are ready for the parade at 5pm and assist in moving the cars into the appropriate place in the parade and then provide crowd control as the vehicles move through the field to the stage.  This is a high pressure stage of the event, volunteers should be calm, unflappable with the ability to remain polite but firm and direct under pressure both with vehicle owners and with those in the crowd.

Entertainment/Stage/Sound Management
Team Leader: tbc

This position requires a single individual to work from Noon to around 5pm.  The role is to ensure that the stage is properly prepared, the entertainers arrive on time, start and finish at the allotted time and are paid at the end of their set.  This position will allow the volunteer a fair amount of free time during the shift however it is vital that the volunteer is pro-active in making sure that things are proceeding well, even ahead of the schedule.  Experience of working with performing artists and professional sound equipment is desirable but not essential.  Good interpersonal skills and excellent time management skills are the most critical factor.

Exhibitor Relations
Team Leader: tbc + 1 or 2 volunteers per shift

A small number of people are required to work from 11am to 5pm or in one of two 3 hour shifts (11am to 2pm and 2pm to 5pm).  These volunteers will ideally have experience with car show events an understanding of what goes on during the day and the needs/concerns of exhibitors who bring their vehicles to this kind of event.

This is in effect a concierge service for those people (and their families) who bring their cars to the show.  Volunteers in Exhibitor Relations will need to be friendly with a strong customer service ethic.

Fourth Shift - Tear Down
Team Leader – Andrew Lee + 10 volunteers

Tear Down

This is a very physical process, lots of material and equipment has to be moved to temporary storage or pickup points.  Volunteers must be physically fit and capable of lifting, carrying and general manual labor for a period of two hours.  Volunteers working this shift will receive dinner after the tear down is complete

Rented equipment will be returned to an central collection point the location of  which will be confirmed on the day of the event.  Equipment owned by the event organizers will be collected together in one place and loaded into one or more vehicles.

Tasks involved in the Tear Down process will include:

  • Removing signage from barricades at entryways
  • Removing signs from sign holders
  • Moving all equipment from entranceways on Main Street to collection point (golf carts and other vehicles will be available to assist with this)
  • Storing barricades in secure location for collection on Monday morning by courier
  • Collecting all remaining trash and transferring to dumpster
  • Collecting and loading all surplus materials (gift bags, programs, merchandise etc) into private vehicle for transportation

For more information please contact Andrew Lee. or call 317-966-6920.

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