ArtomobiliaVisit the IU Health North Hospital Carmel Artomobilia on Saturday, August 25, 2012
(noon - 6 p.m.), and you will notice a fascinating phenomenon: the unanimous “wow.”

The audible and awe-stricken exclamation, “Wow,” sneaks out from event visitors in what appears to be an involuntary reaction. Young, old, young-at-heart, women, men, children…the reaction is the same.

Since the event marries the beauty of classic, vintage and rare car collections with artists inspired by automotive design, some utter their “wow” when a glimpse of their past is reflected perfectly in the mirror of chrome.

Some whisper a “wow” as they stand stunned and nose-to-nose with an exotic make and model they have only seen in the movies.

Others have their “wow” moment when their dream car is suddenly within arm’s reach.

This year’s IU Health North Hospital Artomobilia featured marque car is the Jaguar. Guests can also expect to see everything from Model As to late model Lamborghinis.

In addition to one-of-a-kind cars and art, everyone is invited to stroll the District and enjoy a variety of refreshments, music, restaurants and art galleries.

Join us and find your “wow.” Admission to the event is free, but the collections are priceless.

For exhibitor information, click here. Jaguar

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Artomobilia 2012