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The Carmel Arts & Design District showcases the works of Pam Niccum, Nancy Keating, Lisa Pelo, Ben Johnson, Deb Achgil and Diana Swinney. Learn more about the glass artists of the Carmel Arts & Design District and visit the studios displaying their work. They are a few of the many artists featured on The Indiana Glass Trail featuring talented Hoosier artisans and glass blowers.
Pam Niccum Art

Nancy KeatingBEN JOHNSON
Ben's work is inspired by occurrences in everyday life with an interest in texture and color theory. He uses both of those factors to create patterns in his decorative glass that not only reveal layers within the glass, but create a surface texture that is unique to his work.

The unique works of Ben Johnson have been shown in a number of exhibitions at such places as the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Society for Contemporary Craft. Ben's work can be seen at the ArtSplash Gallery at 111 W. Main St Suite 140.

Pam Niccum Art

Nancy KeatingLISA PELO
Lisa Pelo of Hot Blown Glass, Ltd, Clayton, creates blown glass, slumped and fused glass, cast glass, and metal sculpture for home and business. Her glass sculptures are in permanent collections from museums to hospitals and private homes, to name a few. Her beautiful pieces can be seen at the Hoosier Salon at 22 N. Rangeline Road Carmel, IN 46032, CCA Gallery and Gifts at 111 West Main Street, Suite 135, Carmel, Indiana 46032 and Indiana Artisan at 111 W. Main Street, Carmel, Indiana 46032.

Pam Niccum Art

Nancy KeatingPAM NICCUM
Pam Niccum, owner of Innovative Art Works, creates one of a kind fused glass pieces for private home and corporate settings. Fused (also called “warm”) glass uses the heat of a kiln to join and shape pieces into one unit. The effect is unique and striking! Working with both interior designers and private clients, Pam designs pieces to fit both the contemporary and traditional taste.

Her glass can be seen at the Hoosier Salon at 22 N. Range Line Road Carmel, IN 46032.

Pam Niccum Art

Contemporary mosaic artist, Nancy Keating's works include both 3D and 2d mixed media creations which include an array of hand cut art glasses. Her mosaic style is marked by the festive use of vibrant colors, reflective textures and an occasional touch of whimsy. She works in her Carmel studio and has created countless mosaic pieces over the years, including public works of art and architectural residential installations. See Ms. Keating's mosaics at Carmel ArtSplash Gallery located at 111 West Main Street, juried fine art shows and exhibits, and her website,

Mosaics art classes are offered by Ms. Keating in the Carmel Arts and Design District. For more info see:

Deb Achgill

Deb is an Indiana native who lives in Lafayette with her husband. She graduated from Purdue University and worked in Quality in a pharmaceutical company for over 28 years.

Deb became interested in the glass medium after observing a demonstration of fusing and slumping of glass, forming a shallow dish. She followed up by taking an introductory fused glass class from a local artist. She continued to work and experiment on her designs and technique and taking her pieces to a nearby studio, that had a kiln, to fuse and slump her earlier pieces. Deb eventually acquired a kiln of her own and started producing many pieces that relatives and friends now have in their homes. She applied and was accepted to several art shows in Lafayette and Indianapolis where her art caught the eye of many people who now display her art in their home. Deb spends a lot of time comparing colors and different patterns of glass to get a sense of what might look pleasing when displayed with other forms of artwork. Deb loves to work with dichroic and iridescent glass, which gives the piece a sort of magical appearance when viewed from different angles. Deb’s glass pieces can be functional as well as decorative. Please enjoy her artwork. Deb is also a member of Indiana Artisans.

Diane Cannon

Diane Cannon - Stained Glass

I discovered early on in my craft that I took a particular interest in how the solder could become a focal point as opposed to being over shadowed by the glass itself. 14 years later a clear personal style has developed in my work that includes intricate metal detailing combined with a delicate soldering technique. Inspired by the subtle aesthetics of nature, I like to use a soft muted color palette as the backdrop to display my original hand-cut designs.

I've traveled with my work exhibiting at Fine Art and Craft festivals throughout the Midwest and Southeast and I am so pleased to be displaying my work at Art IN Hand Gallery.

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