ATTENTION: The open house will be at the great frame up October 22nd from 6-7:30 all participants are welcome.Refreshments will be served. All winners will receive their prizes and can take their art home with them. There will be scans of all of the winners art in the window on Main st across from the Evan Lurie building at 30 W Main st. The scans will be up by Monday October 10th All non winners are welcome to pick up their artwork at the Great Frame Up after Monday October 10th.

We will have a donation box at our open house to collect items for rescue dogs and cats . This will be shared with the Arpo rescue and Red Sky rescue. New or gently used leashes , collars toys etc would be appreciated. Also food or treats. Thank you for caring for the animals.

Kindergarten - 1st Place
Katy Smith
Kindergarten - 2nd Place
Grace Wou
Kindergarten - 3nd Place
Melaina Munson
1st Grade - 1st Place
Mathew Rao
1st Grade - 2nd Place
Sydney Meyer
1st Grade - 3rd Place
Angela Gao
2nd Grade - 1st Place
Stephanie Ding
2nd Grade - 2nd Place
Ellie Shen
2nd Grade - 3rd Place
Cecilia Fernandez
2nd Grade - Honorable Mention
Emily Hu
3rd Grade - 1st Place
Nathan Zhang
3rd Grade - 2nd Place
Halle Cole
3rd Grade - 3rd Place
Casey Saas
3rd Grade - Honorable Mention
Jessica Frazer
3rd Grade - Honorable Mention
John Warren
4th Grade - 1st Place
Nicole Segaran
4th Grade - 2nd Place
Faith Dee
4th Grade - 3rd Place
Meghan Grace Hastings
4th Grade - Honorable Mention
Lisa Warren
5th Grade - 1st Place
Jennifer Peng
5th Grade - 2nd Place
Reece Tofaute
5th Grade - 3rd Place
Jocelyn Shan
5th Grade - Honorable Mention
Natalie Perkins
5th Grade - Honorable Mention
Christina Yang
6th Grade - 1st Place
Anna Koon
6 th Grade - 2nd Place
Richard Li
6th Grade - 3rd Place
Julia Hussey
6th Grade - Honorable Mention
Crystal Xue
6th Grade - Honorable Mention
Nikki Vasil
7th Grade - 1st Place
Kelly Yu
7th Grade - 2nd Place
Cindy Lee
7th Grade - 3rd Place
Hannah Rain Lambert
7th Grade - Honorable Mention
Miriam Lee Wright
8th Grade - 1st Place
Bailey Saltsgaver
8th Grade - 2nd Place
Lorraine Rodriguez
8th Grade - 3rd Place
Madeline O'Hara
9th Grade - 1st Place
Cassandra Rennard
9th Grade - 2nd Place
Kaylin Kultgen
10th Grade - 1st Place
Natalie Eastes
11th Grade - 1st Place
Karli Azar
11th Grade - 2nd Place
Caroline Ward
12th Grade - 1st Place
Taylor Wright
Special Mention
Jacob Stoesz

We would like to thank our judges for our Sketch a Pet Contest this year:

Robert Shade of ArtSplash Gallery
Susan Mauck of French Bleu Gallery
Jerry Points of Eye on Art Gallery

We would also like to thank our Sketch a Pet Contest sponsers this year:

Club Canine, The Great Frame Up, Arts and Desigh District, ArtSplash Gallery, and
Ann and Bart Onderdonk of FC Tucker Company